About Capital Remediation

Delivering Total Project Accountability

Capital Remediation operates on a fully transparent business model so that all involved parties can clearly understand the source of the loss and every step taken to restore the property to pre-loss condition.

Total Project Accountability means that we provide comprehensive documentation of every step in the process in nearreal time. This level of transparency and communication makes the restoration process as simple and trouble free as possible and shows that what was done was only what was necessary – no more and no less.

Capital Remediation’s Total Project Accountability creates a permanent record demonstrating that the structure was restored to the proper Standard of Care for protection against future liability as well as preserving the property’s value.

A True Emergency Services Company

Unlike many companies that advertise emergency service but then wait until normal business hours to respond, Capital Remediation will be there as soon as necessary 24/7/365. This means that when you need us, we’ll be there, preventing the chance of secondary damage and biological contamination.

Our People Make the Difference

Every last member of our team is ready to do whatever it takes to get those affected by losses back to normal as soon as possible, even in the most trying and unpleasant of situations. We take it as a great compliment to our company and our team when we hear clients say, “Where do you find people like that?”

Proudly Certified Lead Free Company

Lead Free Company