Sewage & Black Water Specialists

Black water floods come from sewer and septic back-ups, broken waste pipes, toilet overflows and lake or river floods. Sewer or “black water” contains human waste, pathogens and infectious materials and is teeming with thousands of disease causing viruses, bacteria and protozoa that can cause very serious illnesses
if not properly treated. River and lake floods may also contain industrial chemicals, fertilizer runoff and other toxic materials.

Capital Remediation utilizes special procedures to properly restore buildings and contents as well as to protect the health of building inhabitants and prevent further property damage.

Crawl Space Specialists

When crawl spaces are contaminated with raw sewage or mold, it is imperative that contaminated crawl spaces are restored to the standard that allows workers to access the crawlspace and perform duties in a safe and clean environment. Capital Remediation removes all contaminated material and contaminants, cleans the crawlspace and treats with an anti-microbial that will kill and prevent microbial growth. When we are finished with a project, it will be restored to a pre-loss condition.

Media Blasting

Media blasting can be used for mold remediation, fire and smoke restoration, graffiti removal and more. We offer a wide variety of media blasting services, which allows us to cut the time it takes to finish restoration, minimize demolition and econstruction and significantly reduce the amount of secondary waste created.